Deadpool is the latest superhero movie adapted from Marvel comics.

The mutant Deadpool is different from the usual superhero image.

Deadpool is 108 minutes long, divided into two parts with action scenes sprinkled evenly from beginning to end.

Because of violent scenes, the film was rated R by the American Motion Picture and Television Association (prohibited for audiences under 17 years old).

In the first half, the film is edited in parallel, smoothly interweaving scenes telling the character’s past into the most dramatic battle scenes.

The main character of the movie – Deadpool – whose real name is Wade Wilson, is a mercenary and does not believe there are heroes in the world.

'Deadpool' - bloody and funny 17+ movie

Deadpool and two other mutants in the movie.

Unexpectedly, Wade discovered he had terminal cancer right before he proposed to his girlfriend.

Deadpool is different from common superheroes such as Wolverine, Superman, Iron Man or Batman.

However, Deadpool is both adorable and pitiful.

'Deadpool' - bloody and funny 17+ movie

Poster for the movie `Deadpool`.

Actor Ryan Reynolds acted well in the role of superhero, almost completely dressed for two-thirds of the movie.

The beautiful Morena Baccarin plays the role of a `flower seller` who is strong-willed but weak in love.

Deadpool narrates the story intelligently with many humorous and witty lines, alluding to many movies and famous stars in real life in Hollywood.

The film opened in theaters around the world and came to Vietnam on February 12, and is a hot hit in theaters.

'Deadpool' - bloody and funny 17+ movie

Movie trailer `Deadpool`

Movie trailer ‘Deadpool’