Fu Yu’s fake photo depicts an Australian soldier smiling while holding a bloody knife to the neck of an Afghan baby holding a sheep.

After Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned the photo and asked China to apologize, artist Fu Yu responded with a `challenging` attitude.

Fu calls himself a `wolf warrior artist`, echoing China’s aggressive diplomatic style in recent years.

Chinese painter Fu Yu.

The Chinese artist said that the Australian Prime Minister should reduce the pressure, condemning a `truth-based work of art` and an ordinary artist from abroad.

According to Global Times, part of People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, Fu created a fake photo of Australian soldiers on the evening of November 22.

`I created this photo based on my anger and fear. A simple work of art made for humanity,` Fu told Global Times, adding that his photo resembles a scene.

`I hope many people will see this photo and pay attention to this real tragedy,` Fu emphasized.

This is not the first time artist Fu has been entangled in a political controversy.

Wolf warrior artist sparks 'war of words' between Australia and China

`Crown for a Jester` photo for Fu Yu.

Netizens believe that the kneeling clown with a long nose due to lying is Fang Fang and she is waiting to receive the crown from a foreign leader.

Chinese-Australian artist Badiucao said he was very familiar with Fu’s artwork.

Artist Fu, who calls himself a `patriotic artist`, published many famous works in June and encouraged netizens to use them at any time.

Wolf warrior artist sparks 'war of words' between Australia and China

Fu Yu’s fake photo of Australian soldiers was shared on Twitter by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on November 30.

After a war of words broke out over a fake photo of Australian soldiers, thousands of Weibo accounts criticized the Australian Embassy and Consulate’s post about Morrison’s statement.

`Your Prime Minister is shameless. Your government should apologize and compensate Afghanistan!`, Weibo account Lansuanshuying commented, receiving nearly 10,000 likes.

Relations between Australia and China are about to become serious when Beijing imposes a series of economic sanctions on Australian goods as well as continuously attacks the country on a series of issues.