Passengers wearing life jackets wait inside the tilted ferry.

The parents of a male student found the phone with their son’s body on April 26.

This student’s parents returned the memory card to JTBC television station.

On the phone there was a scene of fireworks the night before the accident.

Below is the dialogue in the video:

– It looks like the ferry is tilting a bit

– It’s not a slight tilt.

At this time, another student first called the emergency number 119 to ask for help.

– Someone has to take out a life jacket.

What a life jacket.

– So fun.

– Isn’t he about to die?

– Something big happened on this picnic!

At this time, the Sewol ferry notified the Vessel Service Center (VTS) in Jeju that the ferry was capsizing and requested rescue.

– The ferry has stabilized.

– Are you okay?

– Yes, slowly leaning to the left.

– It seems to be better than before.

The video paused at 8:59’53`, then resumed.

At this time, the ferry had tilted for 10 minutes, and the students began looking for life jackets.

– I’m wearing a life jacket.

– Hey, you have to wear a life jacket, you really have to wear it!

– Yes, I have to wear a life jacket.

The children also gave each other life jackets.

– Hey, (calls the students’ names), come here and get a life jacket

– Wear your life jacket!

– How about your shirt?

– Honey?

The students remained completely unaware of the accident.

– Why is that?

– Did the captain say anything?

16 minutes after the ferry tilted, the students still had time to escape, but because they followed the request from the radio, they remained standing in place and began to feel afraid.

– Can’t make a call?

– Yes, I can’t call

– I’m filming here.

What appears in students’ minds right now is family and friends.

– Mom, dad, dad, dad.

At 9:06 a.m., the Sewol ferry began contacting VTS Jindo, and at this time the loudspeaker announced again.

– Danwon school teachers and students, we would like to announce once again.

– Yes.

The children have begun to think about escaping.

– You have to say clearly what’s going on!

– I don’t know what else.

– We’ll probably have to jump into the sea.

– We will jump into the sea and swim like this.

At this time, the loudspeaker rang again.

– We repeat.

They also worry about their teachers.

– I wonder if all the teachers are okay?

– The teacher texted via Kakao Talk (a mobile phone texting software).

– What did you text?

– She asked if you guys were okay?

– Ask again if she’s okay?

– You haven’t read the message

The video stops here.

The Sewol ferry crashed while carrying 476 people, of whom the majority of passengers on the ferry were students and teachers of a high school in Ansan city.