The number of Covid-19 vaccine doses deployed in the US is gradually increasing to an average of one million doses per day, nearly double compared to mid-July, and has maintained a steady increase in recent times.

Some opinions believe that the increase is mainly due to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving Pfizer’s plan to vaccinate booster doses of vaccine for people over 65 years old, susceptible to serious illness, and working workers.

The increase in demand also comes from other groups, including workers bound by mandatory vaccination regulations.

According to the plan to promote the national vaccination campaign announced by US President Joe Biden on September 9, businesses with over 100 employees must ensure that all employees are vaccinated or tested for nCoV weekly.

All government employees and contractors, along with about 17 million health care workers at facilities receiving funding from the US government’s Medicare or Medicaid programs, must also comply with the same requirement.

Medical staff received Pfizer’s enhanced Covid-19 vaccine shot in Miami city, Florida, USA, on October 5.

`We’re recognizing people who need the vaccine to keep their jobs,` said Dr. Ricardo Gonzalez-Fisher, who runs a mobile vaccination clinic largely for Hispanics in Colorado.

Last weekend, Gonzalez-Fisher’s facility administered 30 doses of vaccine outside the Mexican consulate in Denver.

In mid-September, Colorado opened four mass vaccination sites, mainly to meet the need for work-based vaccinations.

Alba Lopez, a Chase Bank employee in Ohio, decided to get the Covid-19 vaccine on October 8 after being tired of having to test for nCoV twice a week and having to fill out forms every day.

The FDA’s full approval of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for people 16 years and older also appears to be a factor in promoting vaccination.

`Before I put something into my body, I want to make sure it’s fully licensed,` said Mitchell Maccarone, a 24-year-old man who received his second vaccine shot on October 7 in the town of North Smithfield, Rhode State.

`I am not in the high-risk age group. I am healthy and have been infected with the virus. At that time I only had mild symptoms,` Maccarone further explained about his decision to hesitate to get the vaccine.

To meet increased demand, many states reopened large vaccination centers.

Last week, the number of people getting vaccinated at a shopping center in Charlottesville, Virginia, doubled compared to the previous week.

Demand is expected to increase in the coming weeks, if regulators approve the Pfizer vaccine for elementary school children.

`In the coming weeks and months, we anticipate more than 120,000 people will seek the vaccine. We have seen increased demand in the last 1-2 weeks,` said Jon Mooney, assistant director of the Springfield County Health Department.

The fact that nearly all deaths from Covid-19 are among people who have not been vaccinated is also said to be a driving force in promoting vaccination.

Now, as the number of deaths and hospitalizations from Covid-19 gradually decreases, not many people come to get the first shot, but mainly the elderly come to get the booster dose.

On October 8, US Vice President Kamala Harris visited the vaccination center in Newark, New Jersey, where she met with patients and medical staff and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

`It will all end. We really feel like we’re starting to get the situation under control,` Harris said.