This unit has just published a report on the townhouse market in Phu Nhuan district for the first 9 months of the year.

Accordingly, Phan Xich Long street is separated from District 1 and District 3 by Hoang Hoa Tham bridge, although located in a newly developed area, it has reached the top of high-value streets, about 200 million VND per m2.

This unit explains that the reason why a street in a newly developed area like Phan Xich Long can rise in price to surpass traditional streets is because the planning impact has brought a new look to real estate values.

Phan Xich Long street is considered the most vibrant new culinary area in Phu Nhuan district.

Propzy commented that among the 24 districts in Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Nhuan has stability in terms of population and population, without much disturbance.

These two new routes, after being completed and put into use, have completely changed travel habits and means of transport, thereby directly affecting the attraction of newly developed areas and Phan Xich Long area.

This survey also mentioned townhouses in alleys in Phu Nhuan district with prices ranging from 30-50 million VND per square meter, depending on the planned alley route.

Regarding the ability to buy and sell real estate, Phu Nhuan district transactions are much more favorable than other areas in terms of legality, with only a small number of real estate being restricted in the issue of inheritance updates.

For townhouses in the Phu Nhuan area, it is especially a stable area.

This unit estimates that from Phu Nhuan it is possible to move around other areas and move into the city center, so this area is often chosen as a place to place offices combined with housing.