Rashford has scored seven goals in his first 11 matches for Man Utd’s first team.

Rashford started playing football for Fletcher Moss Rangers at the age of five, before joining Man Utd’s training academy at the age of seven.

The people at Fletcher Moss Rangers have always believed that their U7 team’s striker would one day achieve success in the Premier League.

Rashford now (false) and when he played for the Fletcher Moss Rangers youth team.

Moss Rangers skills coach David Horrocks commented: “Marcus is a confident young man who has applied everything we try to teach the boys and girls here on the big stage.

He continued: “You can never have a crystal ball, but with Marcus, you could see a lot about him from a young age.

Rashford played football very confidently as soon as he was promoted to the first team by Van Gaal.

Most of Rashford’s goals for Man Utd are the result of quick and strong finishes.

But that kind of spectacular scoring is not a surprise to the people at Fletcher Moss Rangers.

Marcus Rashford once scored 12 goals in one match

Rashford is one of the rare bright spots of Man Utd today.

Horrocks also commented on Rashford’s future: `As long as he doesn’t have a serious injury, Marcus will achieve whatever he wants to achieve.

Football students at Fletcher Moss Rangers currently also admire Rashford.

Another practitioner stated: “Everyone here loves him.

Nguyen Phat