In the March issue of W Korea magazine, the famous Korean beauty icon shares about her career, love, marriage and life.

Song Hye Kyo shows off her goddess beauty on WKorea

Song Hye Kyo said that when in love, her boyfriend is everything and she always tries to bring the best to the person she loves.

`I don’t regret or hold back if we break up because I tried my best during our relationship. No matter how hard I try, that relationship cannot be healed,` the beauty shared.

When asked about her thoughts on the fact that many star couples see each other as strangers after breaking up even though they previously said they would treat each other like seniors and juniors, Song Hye Kyo replied: `I don’t know what people’s hearts should be.

The actress even asked close friends if they could be friends or see her ex as an old neighbor.

Song Hye Kyo: 'I never want to see my ex again'

The actress is not afraid of old age, but she regrets not taking the trouble to lose weight when she was young.

At the age of 36, the Autumn in My Heart beauty no longer has illusions about marriage.

In addition to sharing about love and marriage, the actress said she is not afraid of wrinkles or getting old, but regrets not losing weight when she was young.

Song Hye Kyo: 'I never want to see my ex again'

Song Hye Kyo appeared at a fashion event in London on February 20.

Song Hye Kyo was born in 1981 in Daegu, South Korea.

Song Hye Kyo: 'I never want to see my ex again'

Song Hye Kyo attracts all eyes in London

The beautiful woman born in the year of the Rooster has experienced two love affairs that have caused much ink in the media.

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