Buses have not really become a popular means of transportation for people, many people are still bored and consider buses to be `villains`.

Accordingly, Ho Chi Minh City Transport Cooperative Union will cooperate with a number of communications companies to provide wifi transceiver equipment.

This is considered a new effort of the city’s transportation industry, however this proposal is receiving many mixed opinions from the community.

The problem of pickpockets on buses is the most worrying

The community believes that installing wifi on buses means encouraging bus riders to use expensive, high-tech devices such as laptops, smartphones… But the problem of pickpockets and robberies on buses is still present.

A reader with the nickname Abc shared: `The project is good, but it is difficult to attract people.

Nickname ThangBom said: `If you’re on the bus and focus on checking your email and going online, you’ll probably get home with only your clothes stuck on you.

The project of installing wifi on buses for people to use for free is good, but the community believes that it is still difficult to attract people to use it.

Good project but not consistent with reality

Many people believe that the bus system in our country has many more problems that need to be improved than this attraction strategy.

“The current inconveniences that I often encounter when taking the bus are: leaving the stop, not being allowed to get off at the right stop, waiting for a long time, disrespectful behavior of the staff, when getting off the bus the bus does not stop completely… There was a time when I

And reader Anh Tai Nguyen commented: `I think this is a good project, but first of all, instead of installing wifi, we should focus on improving existing bad conditions such as: improving better cars, installing good air conditioning.`

“The most important issue is the behavioral culture of ticket checkers and drivers towards bus passengers.

Reader NTN, with 10 years of traveling to work by bus, shares: `To attract bus riders, managers need to add more trips during morning and afternoon rush hours so that commuters want to ride the bus.`

“In addition, all vehicles must be required to turn on the air conditioning properly.

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