Actress Hong Anh said that after 3 months of additional filming and editing at the request of the Central Council for feature film appraisal, the movie Duong Dua by her Blue Studios has just been approved by the Department of Cinema.

`I’m very happy that the film finally received a release license. The past three months have been three months where the ‘Race Track’ crew has continued the process of dialogue and discussion with the Film Approval Council and the Cinema Department, and has just conducted

Nhan Phuc Vinh (right) and Pham Anh Khoa in a fight scene of `Race Track`.

The race track completed its production phase and was in post-production in December 2012. The film emphasizes psychological elements and criminal actions on a thrilling, breathtaking journey of the main character.

This work was submitted for approval to the Cinema Department for the first time, preparing to be released in theaters in March. But at that time, the Appraisal Council commented: `The film exposes a dark, deadlocked society with the appearance of

Hong Anh’s studio independently invested ten billion VND in the film.

Hong Anh's 'racetrack' prohibits children under 16 years old

A group fight scene in Hong Anh’s film.

Race track is the product of a young collective, in addition to the film script co-authored by Nguyen Khac Huy and Hong Anh, the three male roles are played by three new faces of the theatrical film – rocker Pham Anh Khoa.

Besides, equipment and technology are also factors that are invested heavily.

The film will officially release to audiences this summer.

Hong Anh's 'racetrack' prohibits children under 16 years old

The scene filmed in the rain was taken right behind the Cho Lon bus station of `The Dust of Cho Lon`.

While the fate of Race Track is clear, currently, the fate of director Charlie Nguyen’s film Dust of Cho Lon is still quite murky.

Thoai Ha