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More than four months have passed since Covid-19 broke out and I don’t know how long this quarantine situation will last?

Two years ago, when I was on the threshold of having to choose a major after graduating from high school, I was influenced a lot by my older brother, who was studying abroad at the time majoring in culinary arts, and returned to Vietnam every year for the summer vacation.

And so `the fastest way to conquer the heart is the way through the stomach` begins to take effect.

Vancouver picked me up on a late winter afternoon.

Vancouver is a city with a very diverse ecosystem and is extremely clean, quite easy to live in because the weather here is warmer than other regions in Canada.

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Because I have not had the actual experience of having to work under great pressure and intensity for a long time in a hot, cramped kitchen area… I encountered a lot of confusion and difficulties when I came here.

After each day of the internship, I came home exhausted and exhausted. There were days when I couldn’t take off my shoes and lay down on the bed and fell asleep until the next morning.

I had to start learning knowledge and skills that seemed trivial but were actually the most basic, such as how to hold a knife properly, distinguish and use different types of cutting boards, clean, and present.

After six months, working through jobs like barista (coffee maker) and kitchen assistant at the bar, luck finally smiled and I got a job at the `lowest position` in a famous restaurant.

And so I had the opportunity to work in an extremely interesting, challenging environment, and along with that came the `prices to pay`, such as 12 hours of continuous work without breaks,

Everything seems like an endless cycle, going to school five days a week, two weekends working overtime (students like us are allowed to work 20 hours outside of school hours and official internships at school).

Until Covid-19 started appearing in Canada, everything suddenly stopped.

Now, it seems that the battle is left alone, when everyone is encouraged to stay home for the good of the community and themselves.

I had to lock myself in a 6 square meter room, but my thoughts still flew around day and night.

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Until one day, raising my bored, tired eyes after a night of sleep full of dreams out the window, I caught sight of a blue bird with a long, red, curved tail, looking sideways at the trees.

So from that day until now, after a period of gnawing on sadness, feeling sorry for my loneliness and suffering, I have read nearly 3,000 pages of books in the field of stock investment that previously were

Occasionally, the blue bird with a red tail comes to visit me, but it seems to be a test to see if I know how to use time productively in adversity, right?

I suddenly remembered a sentence I read somewhere: `Loneliness will destroy a person, but can also be the driving force to help that person grow immensely, if worthy.`

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