At the press conference to introduce the new album titled dreAMEE on June 28, the singer said she did not know the exact amount of money to make the album because the company took care of it.

Releasing a music record is considered a risky step for the team, in a time when traditional records are gradually disappearing, giving way to the online market.

Amee has a soft, clear singing style suitable for teenagers.

Amee said that when she joined the company, she didn’t have to worry about money, she only focused on singing.

Amee is not afraid of 'single' debut album

Nguyen Hai Phong (left) brought his two children to congratulate Amee and TDK producer Aiden (right).

The album is called `dreAMEE`, which means dream, the main genre is pop, mixed with hiphop, RnB… Of the 10 songs, six songs have had MVs released by Amee: Where are you from, Black stone without sugar,

The product has a sweet and cute style, from song selection, singing voice to disc design and accompanying gifts.

Amee is not afraid of 'single' debut album

Amee did not worry about money when releasing her first album

Singer Amee at the press conference.

Musician Nguyen Hai Phong brought his two children to support his juniors.

Amee’s real name is Tran Huyen My, from Hanoi, moved to Ho Chi Minh City to join St.