Last weekend, the billionaire said he would transfer management of the Trump Organization to his children to reduce conflicts of interest after taking office as US President.

`How can we stop his children from discussing the company with their father, and stop him from making decisions based on what they want for the Trump Organization instead of the country as a whole?`, Norman Eisen – researcher at the Brookings Institution

Eisen was the head of the ethics policy team during President Barack Obama’s first term.

`He can do this legally. But there will be a lot of scandals. People can try to influence him through business,` Eisen said.

Donald Trump will hand over the company to his three eldest children.

Even when Mr. Trump tries to distance himself from this issue, by declaring that his family will control the real estate empire, he will also bring his children to join the close group of advisors preparing for the next move.

`Just like the case of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation charity, Mr. Trump may also encounter an overlap between his Government duties and personal business. This will take some time to sort out.

Rudy Giuliani – a senior advisor to Mr. Trump also affirmed that the expectation that Mr. Trump’s family does not run the company is wrong.

Giuliani emphasized that Mr. Trump’s children `should be given the right to run the company that they know very well.`

However, the Trump Organization’s detailed plan to keep its distance from Mr. Trump has not yet been announced.

That means he will have to sell all his assets and put all the money into a trust fund, run by someone who has `no prior business relationship` with Trump.

Painter believes that Trump’s family plan cannot solve the problems caused by regulations prohibiting officials from receiving gifts, salaries, and positions from abroad.

`Either way, they will have to remove all business relationships with foreign governments, or companies controlled by foreign governments. This needs to be done before January 20 next year,` he concluded.