Billionaire Zhang Yong, founder of Sichuan hot pot chain Haidilao, was once on the list of China’s richest people.

According to the list of 50 richest people in Singapore recently announced by Forbes, Mr. Zhang has an estimated net worth of 13.8 billion USD, officially surpassing brothers Philip and Robert Ng of Far East Organization (Singapore) and Sino Group.

After discovering that Mr. Zhang became a Singaporean citizen, Chinese netizens expressed outrage and called for a boycott of the restaurant chain.

Billionaire Zhang Yong – Founder and CEO of Haidilao International Holding.

However, this is not the first controversy that Mr. Zhang has faced.

So, before Haidilao International Holding IPO last year, Mr. Zhang pledged to apply technological advances to avoid future food scandals.

Billionaire Zhang is a native of Giang Duong, Sichuan province, China.

`Even though I didn’t contribute much money, I took on the position of general manager and promised others that the assets would increase to 150,000 yuan within 5 years. I swore that if I couldn’t manage that money, I would

His hot pot restaurant quickly surpassed other restaurants in the area.

Haidilao is famous for its spicy dishes, which has since grown into a hot pot restaurant chain with nearly 600 stores worldwide, including in the US, Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Today, Haidilao is known not only for its spicy food, but also for its attentive customer service.

Despite his success, Zhang admitted that he was not always confident.

`When I was 14 years old, most boys’ voices broke but I didn’t. Everyone laughed at me. I became less confident and nervous, not daring to talk to girls. Finally, I discovered a

However, from 1983 to 1984, new books were included, such as poetry by Indian writer Rabindranath Tagore, or historical works.

`Before reading those books, I was ignorant and stupid, but I believe in the concept of equality. Education makes the man. If you are educated in the traditional way, you will view your employees with