Male employees offer special massage services, including sexual intercourse when requested by female customers.

The guy’s main job is to meet female customers, usually during the day, and provide special massage services, including sex when requested.

`About half of my customers are in their 20s. 8% of them are pregnant women,` Korea Herald quoted him as saying.

According to the law in Korea, this work is illegal, and if discovered, both the seller and the buyer of sex can be sentenced to one year in prison.

`We don’t have any data or reports on those cases yet,` said Choi Soo-young, representative of the ministry’s Women’s Rights Protection Department.

Korea has enacted anti-prostitution laws over the past 10 years to handle cases of illegal prostitution, but in reality the adult industry continues to flourish with many variations.

Male masseuses have existed in Seoul for at least 10 years, and the industry is growing more than ever.

`You don’t have to worry about being caught by the police or not. We meet customers in their own home or in a motel room. We don’t `work` in hotels. It’s all discreet and the police can’t find them.

There are three massage packages for customers to choose from, with package A being a regular one-hour aromatherapy massage, package B has additional `sensitive touches`.

It is not difficult to find this service online.

`It’s just like women going for facials. I think our service is part of the relaxation culture. Many of our customers are young girls. They come to the motel with them.

The underground world of Korean male prostitution

To relieve work stress, prostitutes also seek out male prostitution services.

Shin Jeong-ae, a 51-year-old married woman, has only used massage services (no sex) for the past 4 years.

Ms. Shin often calls male employees, most of them in their 20s and 30s, to her home and describes their work as just caressing men and women.

`This is a way to reduce stress. It helps the body feel more relaxed and helps with my indigestion,` Ms. Shin said.

According to sex education expert Sung Kyung-won, it is not entirely true that people think that men have a higher sexual desire than women.

`I think buying sex is about showing authority. Those who do it want to prove their mastery through buying sex. Years ago, there would be many women who would pay for sex.

The above male employee said that most of his customers have stable jobs and income.

`If I don’t like it, I will only massage the customer for about two hours. Then I will lie that I don’t provide a special service and they can call someone else if they want. But I can’t say no many times.`

To relieve work stress, female prostitutes also come to this service and ask male staff to serve exactly what they have to go through.

`I bet that many prostitutes, especially those who work in bars and have to drink a lot of alcohol, will use massage services. If they can’t relieve themselves, they will go crazy,` said a woman who used to work as a prostitute.

While `beautiful men` selling sex can attract many customers with eye-catching appearance and financial stability, the customer base of prostitutes is less selective.

In addition to being a massage therapist, the male employee also works in the fitness industry and dreams of opening his own center one day.

`Of course my ex-girlfriends don’t know. I never let them know that,` he said.