According to Osen, on March 11, on his personal page, Seungri announced that he would withdraw from the entertainment industry due to recent negative influences.

Seungri expressed that over the past month, he has received countless criticisms from the public.

Singer Seungri.

Recently, Big Bang fans asked Seungri to leave the group.

Yesterday, Korean officials listed Seungri as a suspect in prostitution brokerage.

Previously, Korean station SBS said that Seungri intended to use many nightclubs in Gangnam as a place to provide sexual services to foreign investors coming to Korea.

In addition to the suspicion of pimping prostitution, Seungri was entangled in a series of other scandals such as being suspected of tax evasion and organizing wild parties.

On March 8, Seungri announced that he would enlist in the army on March 25, sparking talk of him performing military service to avoid a series of scandals.

Seungri retires amid 'prostitution pimping' scandal

Seungri in the movie Beethoven’s virus

Seungri in the movie `Beethoven’s Virus`.

Seungri was born in 1990, is a singer, actor, music producer and businessman.

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