Below are some famous tourist destinations that rich people from the Middle East visit every summer.

French Riviera, France

La Mirandole is a beautiful beach of the French Riviera city, France.

Members of the trip, in addition to King Salman’s family, also included relatives, friends and entourage, totaling nearly 1,000 people.

The villa where the King of Saudi Arabia will stay is located near La Mirandole beach.

However, the Saudi Royal Family’s vacation caused local authorities to close La Mirandole beach to ensure security.

King Salman’s villa is located in front of La Mirandole beach, so all entrances and exits are blocked and guarded by police.

London, England

The British capital is also often chosen by rich people in the Middle East as a place to avoid heat in the summer.

Favorite entertainment spot of the rich in the Middle East

Supercar from Saudi Arabia is parked in the parking lot of a luxury hotel in Kensington.

Tourists and Londoners can not only see and take pictures with the cars of their dreams, but can also touch the crystals elaborately attached to the outside of the car’s body.

According to a survey by New World Wealth information service and relocation consulting organization Lio Global, the UK is a favorite destination for the world’s super-rich, including billionaires from the Middle East.

Cannes, France

In addition to London, the French city of Cannes also regularly appears supercars from Middle Eastern players when summer comes.

Favorite entertainment spot of the rich in the Middle East

The yacht named Azzam of the President of the UAE.

In addition to supercars, the city of Cannes also becomes busier each film festival season with luxury yachts of the rich in the Middle East.

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