In recent days, Truong Yimou’s family life story has been the focus of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Along with the above information, the love triangle between Truong Yimou, his ex-wife Tieu Hoa and actress Gong Li was also revealed by the press.

Gong Li and Zhang Yimou.

Truong Yimou married Tieu Hoa in 1978, this is the only marriage recognized by the director so far.

In October 1987, the movie Red Sorghum completed filming.

Love letter Gong Li wrote to Zhang Yimou

Mother and daughter Tieu Hoa – Truong Mat.

In a letter sent to Truong Yimou, Gong Li said her eyes still hurt because her boyfriend at that time came to school and beat her.

With this clear evidence, Truong Yimou had to explain to Tieu Hoa and admit his relationship with Gong Li.

Some time later, Truong Yimou was sad.

Love letter Gong Li wrote to Zhang Yimou

Director Zhang Yimou guides Gong Li in a scene of the movie Red Sorghum.

Tieu Hoa also received calls from her boyfriend Gong Li several times.

In March 1988, Truong Yimou returned from work.

In her memoir, Tieu Hoa wrote: `Our conversation ended like that.

In 1989, the romantic relationship between Truong Yimou and Gong Li received public attention.

In 2001, Gong Li’s mother revealed for the first time the reason the relationship broke up.