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Recently there have been a lot of articles about choosing public or international schools for your children, so I also want to share my perspective.

Currently, my family is residing in Europe.

Some of the issues I see people arguing about the most:

Is the quality of public schools better than international schools?

Vietnam does not have a set of criteria to evaluate the quality or ranking of lower-university schools.

>> ‘Tuition fee of half a billion VND is not expensive to make your child a global citizen’

Is the quality of international schools worth the money spent?

Before asking this question, you should ask yourself whether you can afford to pay that amount or not.

To choose a school for our child, we selected four schools based on parents’ comments, then made an appointment to visit and talk to the principal of each school to see what the schools’ teaching methods were like?

International school students don’t study as well as public schools?

Everyone’s day only has 24 hours. If you study this, of course you won’t have time to study that.

To prepare for me to study abroad, my parents also had to try to find more time to teach me how to live independently such as washing dishes, cooking, cleaning the house, managing money… Finally, a child like

If only when I was a child, I could reduce the time I spent studying things that were too advanced and not used in life, to learn soft skills.

>> My child did not go to an international school and still won a 90% scholarship in the US

International school students are poor so they can’t apply for scholarships?

My cousin once joked that schools should award more scholarships for `rich examples overcoming temptation` but `poor examples overcoming difficulties` scholarships are too normal.

Most scholarships are to promote learning, creating conditions for everyone to have the opportunity to access good educational resources.

In short, attending an international school is an investment in education.

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