After two weeks of applying Directive 16, from August 6, Hanoi continues to socially distance the entire city until 6:00 a.m. on August 23.

– What is the basis for Hanoi to decide to continue applying Directive 16, sir?

– In the first time of separation, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee carefully considered and decided on a 15-day separation from July 24.

Mr. Dinh Tien Dung, Secretary of Hanoi Party Committee.

However, the epidemic situation in the city and localities across the country is becoming complicated and unpredictable;

In addition, some grassroots governments are still confused, not proactive, not decisive and lack creativity, especially the mobilization of the entire political system is not substantive and ineffective.

To control and prevent the epidemic, the Standing Committee of the City Party Committee agreed with the proposal of the Party Committee of the City People’s Committee to continue social distancing throughout the city for 15 days according to the principle of Directive 16. This is the best solution.

– How do you assess the current epidemic situation in the area?

– The city currently has 10 clusters of cases.

After more than 2 weeks of social distancing, there have initially been many positive changes, controlling a number of complex clusters of cases;

In particular, there have been cases of infection in hospitals, some factories, enterprises, agencies, businesses, supply chains, wholesale markets… So it can be said that there is a risk of disease outbreaks in the area.

– Faced with that risk, what is the most important anti-epidemic measure in Hanoi today?

– In the current period, Hanoi’s important epidemic prevention measure is to direct the entire government system and people to unanimously implement social distancing in the spirit of Directive 16. The city must make the most of it.

In addition, the city urgently accelerates the progress of Covid-19 vaccination, ensuring transparency, compliance with principles, safety and effectiveness.

Secretary of Hanoi: 'Distancing is the best solution today'

City Party Secretary Dinh Tien Dung inspects a quarantine point in Hanoi.

– How is Hanoi preparing epidemic prevention scenarios and what is the highest scenario?

– Although the epidemic in the city is under control, as stated above, it is very unpredictable.

Specifically, increasing testing capacity to 200,000 samples per day;

Along with that is a plan to ensure adequate supply of essential goods, food, and foodstuffs to serve the people, avoiding disruption of the city’s supply chain, preventing shortages, shortages, and counterfeit goods.

– In case of necessity, will the city consider applying stronger anti-epidemic measures?

– The city is applying Directive 16, this is the highest social distancing measure as directed by the current Government.

The city has requested to continue to strictly implement epidemic prevention measures in a practical, firm and effective manner according to the principle: People are isolated from others, families are isolated from families;

Authorities have stricter control over areas under blockade and medical quarantine.

Only when Directive 16 is seriously implemented at the same time as measures to encircle and zone the epidemic in a timely manner can we make the most of the `golden` time of social distancing to push

– As the head of the City Party Committee, what recommendations do you give to the people of the capital in the current fight against the epidemic?

– We ask people to strictly comply with the city’s epidemic prevention and control policies.

The fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is still long and increasingly difficult. All levels and sectors from the city to the grassroots must thoroughly grasp the concept of considering people as the center.

With the core of the front-line forces, support forces and the people’s joint efforts, unanimity and strict compliance, Hanoi will definitely repel and win this outbreak.

The city always places taking care of people’s health and lives as the most important task.

In addition to cases supported according to the Government’s resolution (26,000 billion VND package), Hanoi also assigned units to review and have the city’s own support policy.

10 clusters of cases in Hanoi today

(1) Cluster of cases related to 90 Nguyen Khuyen, Dong Da (2) Cluster of cases in Tan Mai, Hoang Mai;