The project produced by Ngo Thanh Van and Thuy Nguyen, directed by Loc Tran and Kay Nguyen attracted a lot of interest before its premiere because of its 60s setting and the theme of ao dai.

The work opens with documentary footage of Saigon in 1969, where traditional and modern values intermingle.

Ngo Thanh Van slaps Lan Ngoc in the new movie

Then, a strange event occurred that caused Nhu Y to travel 48 years later.

Compared to Tam Cam: The Untold Story – last year’s Vietnamese film project by Ngo Thanh Van, Miss Saigon marks a step forward in terms of script (written by Kay Nguyen and her colleagues).

'Miss Saigon' travels through time to find her love in Ao Dai

Diem My 9x and Lan Ngoc compete in `Miss Saigon`.

The script dismisses the familiar romantic element to focus on the main line of Nhu Y’s maturity.

The film vividly recreates the fashion world.

'Miss Saigon' travels through time to find her love in Ao Dai

Ao Dai is the highlight in the story `Miss Saigon`.

This is a progressive point in the general level of Vietnamese films, which rarely delve deeply into the expertise of the occupations shown in the film.

The film’s art and costume design stages are all well-rounded, especially in the setting of Thanh Nu tailor house and Helen’s office.

Although appearing on many promotional posters, Ngo Thanh Van’s character does not take up much time, because the future story line plays a key role.

'Miss Saigon' travels through time to find her love in Ao Dai

Artist Hong Van impresses with her acting.

Meanwhile, Diem My 9x impresses as a powerful designer, with a modern and confident style.

The past segments are only filled with interior scenes, while the exterior is briefly shown through documentary footage, making the work lack the vividness of the lives of the people of ancient Saigon.

Miss Saigon premieres on November 10.