Sleep has two cycles: non-REM sleep and REM sleep.

In sleep behavior disorder, the muscles are not temporarily paralyzed as usual, which allows the body to respond to dreams.

REM sleep behavior disorder can occur within about 90 minutes of falling asleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep behavior disorders mainly affect men and people over 50 years old.

In very rare cases, there are types of seizures that can occur in infants that cause uncontrollable giggling while sleeping.

Laughing while sleeping is a sign of REM sleep disorder.

How to improve sleep behavior disorders

If you have signs of sleep disorders, you should contact a specialist for diagnosis and monitoring.

Limit substances that trigger sleep disorders: drinking alcohol or certain prescription medications can contribute to this condition.

Medication: Your doctor may also prescribe medication or a dietary supplement to help reduce symptoms.

Sleep-related injuries can include bruises, abrasions, fractures, blunt trauma and head injuries… Additionally, bed partners may be affected by sleeping next to someone who exhibits these behaviors.

Babies and children need more sleep than adults.