– You are one of the people overseas who learned the news of musician Trinh Cong Son’s death the earliest.

– I don’t know how other people feel when they receive news that a loved one has just passed away.

After that, I was able to talk to Mr. Thich, Mr. Son’s brother-in-law, also in this city, to confirm whether the news was true or just a rumor.

– She had to go to the emergency room after hearing that news.

– I fell from the chair.

It’s been a long time since I could believe that Mr. Son’s passing was real.

Singer Khanh Ly.

– How did you feel afterward?

– I think Trinh Cong Son goes away somewhere for a few hours, a few days like he usually goes to the artist’s shop every morning to meet friends.

Now I still have the feeling that in a while he may return.

We have been sitting here very happily for several months.

– When did you meet Mr. Son after 1975?

– The first time I met Trinh Cong Son after 1975 was in 1988 in Paris.

During that time, after working hours with the Japanese delegation, I spent all my time talking to Mr. Son, sitting with him and some friends such as Lan Ngoc, Hong Van, Mr. Nguyen Anh 9, and Mr. Nguyen Ngoc.

I dream of not waking up again from sleep

– So when was the last time you met Trinh Cong Son?

– That meeting was also the last time.

– You once said that there was a strange connection between you and Mr. Son.

– The relationship between Trinh Cong Son and me lasted too long, a bond like fate.

– As you said Trinh Cong Son is half of your life, so is that an emotional connection or purely artistic or some other connection?

– Trinh Cong Son and I have a relationship that is higher, more beautiful, and more holy than everyday feelings.

He is the only musician living in this life who has a heart without hatred.

– Is someone who understands Trinh Cong Son’s works well, and is also someone who has performed many of Trinh’s music.

– There are many people who love Trinh Cong Son’s love songs.

Khanh Ly: 'The relationship between me and Mr. Son is very holy'

Trinh Cong Son and Khanh Ly.

Many times we only talk to each other with our eyes

– What music pieces did musician Trinh Cong Son compose specifically for you?

– Mr. Son told me and all my brothers that it was the song `Shedding Tears` to lull people.

– As for Trinh Cong Son as a person, what do you think?

– Trinh Cong Son is the only musician who only lives for others and not for himself.

I told him it was right for him to stay in Vietnam.

– After meeting Trinh Cong Son, what did the musician do to help you achieve success and fame today?

– Thanks to you, everyone knows me, I receive love, I become a person and I become famous.

– How have you always practiced this advice?

– Of course I always try my best.

– People often say that without Trinh Cong Son, there would be no Khanh Ly.

– I always say that if it weren’t for Trinh Cong Son, there wouldn’t be me.

(According to Family Society)