I’m not a betting person.

U23 Vietnam’s achievements bring joy to all Southeast Asian fans.

Two weeks and 32 games, now there are only four teams left.

That same country has only reached the Asian Cup finals once in the 14 times the tournament has been held and that year they were co-hosts of the tournament.

That same country, even in the Southeast Asian regional arena, has only won once in 10 tournament appearances.

No one doubts that Vietnamese people bring pride to the football field.

Fox Sports: 'All of Southeast Asia stands behind U23 Vietnam'

Vietnam is one of the teams with the smallest average age at the tournament.

What makes Vietnam’s achievement even more impressive is that they reached the semi-finals of this year’s tournament with an average age of only 20.7.

Even just by passing the group stage, Vietnam, along with neighboring Malaysia, was enough to make Southeast Asian fans feel proud.

Then, after a brave Malaysia was unfortunately eliminated by South Korea, Vietnam became Southeast Asia’s last hope to make a surprise at the tournament in China.

Fox Sports: 'All of Southeast Asia stands behind U23 Vietnam'

U23 Vietnam’s road to the semi-finals

For that reason, Park Hang-seo and his students deserve the support of the entire region.

Even in the quarterfinals last Saturday, while the penalty shootout was taking place after the two teams drew 3-3, social networks were filled with words of support for Vietnam.

Fox Sports: 'All of Southeast Asia stands behind U23 Vietnam'

Comments supporting Vietnam from Malaysian fans.

Southeast Asia is a strange region when it comes to football.

When tournaments like the AFF Cup or SEA Games take place, endless passion for football teams leads to heated confrontation, even to the point of disdain for each other.

Previous events have proven that, in tournaments like the Asian U23 that we are watching, passion is extended to neighboring countries for the common goal of the development of Southeast football.

One thing that cannot be denied is that Vietnam’s victory in the semi-finals brings a great boost to Southeast Asia.

When Vietnam meets Qatar in Changzhou this Tuesday afternoon, all fans from Cambodia to Timor-Leste will be watching them.

And even though I’m not a betting person, I’m willing to bet that the whole of Southeast Asia will cheer for Vietnam.

Di Khanh (according to Fox Sports)