Spare (Prince Harry)

Cover of the book `Spare`.

The autobiography’s 400 pages are a chaotic whirlwind of royal life.

He encountered many family conflicts.

Harry not only has conflicts about his family but also opposes the press, claiming that he is always forced to become a villain.

Vox commented that Prince Harry’s memoir is a contradictory work.

The Woman in Me (Britney Spears)

Four memoirs making noise in 2023

Cover of `The Woman in Me`.

Since before its release, the book has been the focus of public attention because of the shocking stories the singer revealed.

The 275-page book tells about the ups and downs of life including career, love affairs, family and friends.

She also talked about her painful love affair with Justin Timberlake, having an abortion because the singer did not want to be a father.

Worthy (Jada Pinkett Smith)

Four memoirs making noise in 2023

`Worthy` cover.

The autobiography tells about Jada’s life from her rebellious youth, depression to her romantic relationships, revealing many shocking information about her marriage to Will Smith such as the two have been separated and living as singles since then.

When his wife released her memoir, Will Smith wrote her a letter: `Even though I’ve lived most of my life with you, I still feel surprised, stunned, caught off guard, laughed, inspired and hurt.

Paris The Memoir (Paris Hilton)

Four memoirs making noise in 2023

Cover of `Paris The Memoir`.

In the memoir, `party queen` Paris Hilton tells many hidden corners of her life including pain and difficult times in the past.

`I realized there was a weight pressing down on me that was suffocating me, my ribs were broken. I felt panic and tried to stand up but was exhausted, as if something had severed my spinal cord. When I

She also experienced the pain of abortion when she fell in love with model Jason Shaw.