Sharing in the afternoon session of the National Forum for Digital Technology Enterprise Development, taking place on December 23 in Hanoi, Dr. Nguyen Nhat Quang, Director of VINASA Institute of Science and Technology, shared an example to

Therefore, according to him, digital transformation is not a movement to promote IT application, but needs to start from a change in perception and should be considered as a method of national development.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Quang, Director of VINASA Institute of Science and Technology.

`Digital transformation is associated with ‘smartization’, not when there are developed economic conditions and then digital transformation. On the contrary, the poorer and more difficult it is, the smarter you have to be. Digital transformation needs to be considered as a structure.`

Besides, according to him, to successfully and quickly transform digitally, promoting is not as important as removing barriers and introducing appropriate policies. `Like water rushing in, we break down barriers to

Data infrastructure occupies a central position in digital transformation.

Similarly, Mr. Cao Hoang Anh, Deputy General Director of FSI, assessed that the data mining trend in Vietnam is `getting better` and that some ministries, such as the Ministry of Justice, have standards on digitalization.

In recent years, data has been compared to `oil` in the digital economy.

In Vietnam, data has not been exploited and managed effectively.

Dr. Nguyen Nhat Quang commented that the digital transformation process is happening objectively, `no matter what Vietnam does, the digital future will still come`.

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