Nutritionists have found a number of foods that have the function of burning excess fat in the body, which works well for people who are gaining weight or want to tone the body.


Grapefruit has the ability to reduce insulin levels in the blood.

According to scientists, slightly sour grapefruit only reduces the appetite, while its vitamin composition remains unchanged compared to sweet grapefruit.

Green tea

Green tea helps strengthen blood vessels, strengthens the heart, and activates metabolism.

Spicy food

Sauces, braises, stews, and dipping sauces are all nutritious foods and quickly accumulate fat, but if you add hot peppers, the excess fat will be burned significantly.

Skim milk yield

Fresh milk and cheese with low fat content stimulate the body to produce increased calcitrona hormone, promoting cells to burn fat.


1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder added to food will slow down the process of blood sugar formation, help the body stabilize insulin levels, and slow down the production of new fat.

The protein

Protein plays an important role in muscle formation.


If you drink little water, any type of diet will not be effective.

(According to Vietnamese Beauty)