The feeling of exciting driving is BMW’s strong point compared to its competitors.

BMW Series 7 upgraded version.

However, with the most luxurious car models such as Series 7 and X7, providing a premium smooth experience for the owner in the back seat is also an important criterion.

To find the perfect balance between two seemingly opposing extremes in the auto industry, the German car company brings two outstanding technologies: smart air suspension and rear wheel steering system.

The suspension system actively analyzes the road surface of Executive Drive Pro

Air suspension is standard equipment on BMW Series 7 and X7.

Two advanced technologies on the BMW Series 7 and X7 2020

The video describes the operation of the Executive Drive Pro suspension system on the BMW 7 Series.

By integrating a camera that can scan the road surface and analyze map data, Executive Drive Pro on the BMW Series 7 and X7 has the ability to predict the terrain and road the vehicle is about to approach.

In addition, the Active anti-roll bar feature of Executive Drive Pro will automatically compensate for force on the outside wheel when cornering, helping to counteract centrifugal force.

`With this smart suspension system, the BMW Series 7 and

Flexible rear wheel steering system Integral Active Steering

Driving powerful cars like the BMW Series 7 and X7 in tight spaces is sometimes not simple, even with the support of the smart 360-degree camera feature.

At low speed range, the rear wheels of Series 7 and X7 can rotate slightly in the opposite direction to the front wheels, creating a rotating effect of the vehicle body, shortening the turning radius.

At high speeds, both the front and rear wheels will rotate in the same direction.

Along with Series 7 and X7 2020, in early April THACO will officially launch a total of 11 new BMW car products, including new generation Series 3 models (G20),

Tuan Vu