`Land of the South` first aired in 1997, is one of the television series that made a deep impression on audiences of many generations.

Then - now of the cast of 'Southern Land'

After graduating from high school, Hung Thuan turned to being a singer in a music group but did not have any songs that left an impression.

Then - now of the cast of 'Southern Land'

Along with little An, Phung Ngoc’s role as Stork is a role that has great appeal to the audience in the movie `Southern Land`.

Then - now of the cast of 'Southern Land'

The film salary was not enough to cover his living expenses, so he decided to return to Binh Duong and find other jobs to make a living such as security guard, ferry driver, hairdresser… The child actor once got married, but then

Then - now of the cast of 'Southern Land'

In the film, Meritorious Artist Manh Dung plays Co’s father, very good at catching snakes, with a generous and generous personality – just like a Southern old man.

Then - now of the cast of 'Southern Land'

`Mr. Ba Snake Catcher` has taught at the Ho Chi Minh City Theater and Cinema School for many years and is very enthusiastic about imparting his experience to his children and grandchildren.

During several months of filming in a swampy area, Le Quang lived with the character Vo Tong.

Le Quang’s real life also went through many ups and downs, just like in the movie.

Uncle Ba Phi is one of the roles closely associated with the name of artist Mac Can.

Besides acting, Mac Can is also a writer and magician who is loved by many people.

Meritorious Artist Ho Kieng is also one of the very beloved `Southern old men` in the film.

During his life, Ho Kieng participated in more than 200 films, all in supporting roles.

Van An