In 2008, The Dark Knight – the second part of the Batman film series directed by Christopher Nolan – created a global fever and brought the movie series about comic heroes to a new level.

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After the death of lawyer Harvey Dent at the end of The Dark Knight, Batman took responsibility for Dent’s crimes to protect the reputation of the so-called `hero of Gotham`.

Director Christopher Nolan, who turned Batman into a legend, on the set of `The Dark Knight Rises`.

The Dark Knight Rises is the sequel to The Dark Knight, but it can be said that the connection and interaction between these two films is not much.

Part three features many new characters, from Bane and Selina Kyle to Miranda Tate and John Blake, and they all contribute to making Batman’s `last meal` even more hearty.

The complete ending for the legend of 'Batman'

Version, `Gotham’s revenge`, confronts Batman in `The Dark Knight Rises`.

The appearance of this villain evokes the image of a rat and symbolizes evil coming from the darkest places.

An interesting character from the comics brought back to the screen is Catwoman.

The complete ending for the legend of 'Batman'

Anne Hathaway impresses with the image of a completely different Catwoman compared to previous versions.

With a budget of 250 million USD, director Christopher Nolan offers viewers eye-catching images that are worth the wait.

In addition to being highly entertaining in terms of images, Christopher Nolan also continues to bring haunting philosophies and references to real society in the story of The Dark Knight Rises.

The complete ending for the legend of 'Batman'

Iconic image of `The Dark Knight Rises`.

The film has a length of 164 minutes, so the story is spread out with many combined elements, from action, psychology, horror, romance, a little humor, a little excitement, a little remembrance.

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The success of The Dark Knight has created enormous pressure for both director Christopher Nolan and the production crew.

The film’s name, The Dark Knight Rises, not only represents the spirit of the film – the hero will rise in the dark night, the fire of faith will burn from the darkness – but also has many meanings for those who

The Dark Knight Rises opens in Vietnam from July 27.

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