(Dan Tri) – The US is planning to deploy nuclear weapons in the UK 15 years after their dismantling, the Telegraph reported based on documents from the Pentagon that this newspaper collected.

An American F-35A Lightning II landed at Lakenheath military airport in December 2021 (Photo: US Air Force).

Telegraph reported that procurement contracts to equip a new facility at Lakenheath Air Force Airport in Suffolk (UK) show that the US intends to place a nuclear warhead here with three times the power of the previous bomb.

The British newspaper said it had discovered the above documents in the US Department of Defense’s procurement database.

The documents reveal plans to carry out a `nuclear mission` in the near future at Lakenheath airfield, where nuclear weapons were placed during the Cold War.

Specifically, the documents show that the Pentagon ordered new equipment for the base, including ballistic shields to protect soldiers against attacks on `high-value equipment`.

Lakenheath Airport – owned by the British Royal Air Force but mainly stationed with US military personnel – is expected to receive B61-12 gravity bombs, with destructive power ranging up to 50 kilotons.

Telegraph: The US is about to place nuclear weapons in the UK

Location of Lakenheath military airport in Suffolk, UK (Photo: Google Maps).

The US currently has warheads located in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Türkiye, according to NATO’s nuclear sharing agreement.

Commenting on the above information, a Pentagon spokesman said: `The US regularly upgrades its military facilities in allied countries. This activity is often accompanied by administrative budget documents that are not subject to

`These documents are not predictive in nature and are not intended to reveal any details about the position or base,` the spokesman added.

Telegraph has the above information in the context of the West led by the US being tense with Russia.

Last week, Admiral Rob Bauer, a senior NATO military official, said that people should prepare for all-out war with Russia in the next 20 years.

After the outbreak of fighting in Ukraine, a Pentagon assessment of America’s nuclear posture warned of `nuclear threats to the country, as well as America’s allies and partners.`

President Joe Biden said the US would `strengthen its forces in Europe to respond to the change in the security environment`.

The US has announced plans to deploy two squadrons of fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft, capable of carrying B61-12 bombs, along with the 48th fighter squadron to Lakenheath airport.

Russia has stated that the US placing weapons in the UK will be considered by Moscow as an `escalation` and will be met with `reactionary measures`.