Soros is the person who became rich after short-selling the British pound in 1992 and earned more than a billion dollars in just one day.

The billionaire believes the currency will lose value by at least 15%, or possibly more than 20%, to below $1.15 per pound.

`The pound will devalue very strongly. Leaving the EU will also have an immediate and very strong impact on financial markets, investment, prices and employment,` the billionaire said.

George Soros made a big profit from shorting the British pound in 1992. Photo: Australian

He warned that this devaluation will be even larger and more serious than the 15% devaluation in September 1992.

He also doubts the Bank of England’s ability to respond promptly to a recession, or plunging house prices.

60 years of experience helped Soros realize that the only winners are financial speculators.

However, the group campaigning to leave the EU – Vote Leave does not have much confidence in Soros’s judgments.

Elliott affirmed that after leaving the EU, they can sign a free trade agreement with this bloc.

He also said that the British pound is now stronger than when the referendum was first announced.

Opinions among British businessmen are also very divided.