Hong Kong – the Asian financial center is experiencing the worst economic and political crisis since 1997. Although Hong Kong has not yet had a wave of capital withdrawals, the rich here are also repenting.

Cheng is an example.

This is posing additional challenges for Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam.

A corner of Hong Kong viewed from Victoria Peak.

Retail banks said their customers are accelerating emergency plans, after China announced last month it would impose national security laws on Hong Kong.

`The train is gradually slipping off the rails,` commented Richard Harris – Director of Port Shelter Investment Management. `Those who have not yet made a move may be tempted to think: ‘Maybe I should move assets

However, there is little evidence that a large-scale capital withdrawal wave is taking place here.

The Hong Kong government also affirmed that this law will help Hong Kong become a `safer and more stable` city, while not affecting the autonomy and freedom of citizens and foreign investors here.

However, many businessmen and high-income earners are not so optimistic.

This is the second time he has left Hong Kong because of political instability.

Margaret Chau – Migration program director at consulting firm Goldmax Immigration Consulting, said the number of customers approaching her company for advice has increased fivefold after information about the security law.

Kerry Goh – Director of Kamet Capital said his customers have switched from asking general questions about moving out of Hong Kong to asking detailed questions about everything from schools, visas to bank accounts.

Dennis – a 34-year-old leader at a Hong Kong consulting firm said that his family and many friends have started transferring money from here.

`I could buy a much bigger apartment in London. So why not?` he said. `I’m just trying to protect my money from instability.`