Mr. Doan Ngoc Hai has been cleaning the sidewalks for several months now.

The culture of sidewalk trading in Vietnam comes from poverty.

When this habit is introduced into urban areas, it encroaches on sidewalks.

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Where there is demand, there is supply. The need for sidewalks for business has created a `supply` source of sidewalk rental protection groups.

Now, when wealth begins to come, sidewalk culture has taken root in every street.

But that’s Hoi An.

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New cars are the most difficult problem.

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That means Mr. Hai will still have to find a parking space for the entire District 1, find a place to move all the street vendors, and then fine the shops and restaurants that encroach on the sidewalks.

Therefore, what Mr. Hai is doing will be difficult to succeed.

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The situation in District 1, and the reality of sidewalk encroachment in Vietnam, has been breaking out for a long time.

Singapore had to apply the whole country before they could move those street vendors into a neighborhood.

As for Mr. Hai, please be careful.

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