Fellaini proved more capable under Van Gaal.

Joy broke out at the `Theater of Dreams` when Man Utd players escaped heart-breaking extra time.

In the second minute of injury time, De Gea’s excellent reflexes blocked Mame Diouf’s 5-meter header.

Before that, Maroune Fellaini opened the score, concretizing the home team’s advantage.

Defeating Stoke City, for the first time this season, Man Utd had a series of four consecutive wins.

Man Utd 2-1 Stoke: Escape the nightmare of extra time

Stoke equalized with an unstoppable shot.

After a series of unstable results at the beginning of the season, Man Utd seems to be getting back into gear with smooth gameplay and high competitive spirit of the players.

Playing in an upper position, the home team did not create many truly dangerous opportunities.

The middle is off, Man Utd actively attacks on the edge.

The Belgian midfielder had an advantage but then also made a mistake, losing the ball in the 39th minute. Bojan Krkic then made a breakthrough, attracting the attention of the Man Utd defender, the ball accidentally bounced back outside the penalty area.

Man Utd 2-1 Stoke: Escape the nightmare of extra time

Mata’s free kick sent the ball over Rojo’s head (5) and into the net.

Man Utd cannot be satisfied with a draw.

In the remaining minutes, Man Utd had many opportunities to score but they were all squandered. The situation where Wilson faced the goalkeeper and then narrowly kicked out was the most notable phase.

The home team almost held a grudge for wasting too many opportunities when facing Stoke’s danger in injury time.

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