`I see you guys are silent, including those who are top stars and you choose to stay silent in this story full of injustice,` Hamilton wrote on Instagram on June 1.

Hamilton criticized the F1 community’s silence over the death of a black person in the US.

Floyd is an American citizen.

`From now on I will think that you guys can understand why the incident happened and say a few things about it, but you will never take our side. I just know who you are and I have

In a second post, the Mercedes ace driver wrote: `I am not on the side of the robbers, who are burning buildings. I support the peaceful protesters. There will be no peace until

Mercedes then spoke up, supporting their driver.

Sharing with Leclerc, Williams driver George Russell wrote on Twitter: `We all have the right to speak up for what is right. Until now, I don’t know how to speak up. Like what Leclerc said, I find it difficult

Renault team driver Daniel Ricciardo affirmed that Floyd’s death was a shame and called on everyone to join hands to eliminate racism.