Recently, a foreign friend and I visited Ghenh Da Dia (Phu Yen) to play and saw someone playing many cards floating on the water.

Here, Ghenh Da Dia is as beautiful as a dream, Barcelona or Phuket are only as beautiful as that.

Mr. Tay (my friend) could not bear to see the elegant beauty of Ganh Da Dia dirty with cards, so he waded down to retrieve it, in front of hundreds of surprised eyes from the crowd here.

After he picked up all the cards, everyone standing on the shore surrounded him and asked him questions.

Before that, Mr. Tay (my friend) and I had a conversation:

Mr. Tay: `I want to pick up those cards!`

I said, `I’m also thinking of a way to pick it up, but I don’t know how to swim. Can you see if there’s a way to pick it up?`

Mr. Tay: `It’s okay to pick it up! But do tourists say you’re crazy?`

I said: `I don’t care who says you’re crazy. As long as you feel safe and unharmed, go down and pick it up!…`

My friend is just an ordinary farmer from New Zealand.

He said: `Those pleasures and enjoyment will be a beautiful memory, but after only two weeks or a month, those feelings will be forgotten. But if you spend that money to buy production tools for

The goal of `Crazy Westerner` is to save 20,000 USD every year to go to poor areas to help.

Through this, I want to share with everyone that: We need to be conscious of protecting the environment.

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Western tourists immersed themselves in cleaning up trash in a stinking canal in the middle of Hanoi

One person wearing nylon pants waded into the smelly water to pick up trash, while the other three people helped move the trash to the dump.

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