Many people compare the blue sea of ​​Lagi to a village girl who just woke up.

The wild and charming beauty of the blue sea of ​​Lagi.

Early in the morning, relax your body to leisurely stroll and watch the golden sunrise, filtering through the mist that has not yet disappeared.

At noon, immerse yourself in the blue sea water, after enjoying yourself, find a quiet corner to enjoy grilled fish and take a peaceful nap under the ancient poplar rows.

Don’t forget the grilled fish

As a typical fish of the Lagi sea, yellow gourami fish is always popular with locals and tourists, because the fish meat has a sweet, fragrant taste and is eaten with rice paper rolls with cucumber and green vegetables after freely waving.

The gourami fish has a small body, 10-15 cm long, and is caught by village fishermen in waters near the shore.

Lagi beach is new in Binh Thuan

Enjoying the seafood specialties of the place we visit is always an exciting feeling.

After catching the fish, we clean it, drain it, crush green chili, add a little MSG and salt to infuse the seasoning for about 10 minutes and we are ready for fragrant grilled fish.

Enjoy apricot fish salad

Coming to Lagi, in addition to enjoying many types of fresh seafood from the sea, there is a specialty you should not miss: apricot fish salad.

Lagi beach is new in Binh Thuan

Don’t forget the fish salad when you arrive in Binh Thuan.

Delicious apricot fish salad is also thanks to the elaborate fish sauce bowl and techniques of Phan Thiet people.