Type-001A aircraft carrier leaves Dalian port.

China’s domestic aircraft carrier Type-001A yesterday left Dalian port, starting its first sea trial.

Beijing will not stop at two aircraft carriers, nor will it continue to apply the Soviet-era design of the Liaoning and Type-001A to the next aircraft carriers.

China has deployed dozens of submarines, many attack squadrons and anti-ship missiles to deal with the US aircraft carrier force.

Experts say that China not only seeks to deal with the US navy, but also wants to become a blue-water naval power with the ability to operate far from shore.

According to estimates in an Australian government report, China’s economy could be twice as large as the US’s in the next 15 years.

Domestic aircraft carrier in China's major maritime naval ambitions

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier during a training trip in 2017. Photo: Sina.

However, building a large-scale aircraft carrier fleet is still a big challenge for China.

Another explanation is that Beijing’s aircraft carrier fleet is not intended to confront Washington.

Before China invested in anti-ship capabilities, US aircraft carriers could comfortably move through the Taiwan Strait and demonstrate their readiness to protect allies.

Some experts predict Beijing only needs a maximum of six aircraft carriers to compete for influence with theĀ US in the Pacific and fulfill its grand maritime naval ambitions.