– How do you feel about the results of Perfect Couple 2013?

– On the final night, I felt like I accepted a role that only included singing.

Cat Phuong touched the audience when singing `Legend of Mother` in the final night of Perfect Couple 2013. Photo: Ly Vo Phu Hung.

What are you afraid of?

– I’m afraid the judges will say I’m a singing disaster.

– In the final night, how did you see the performance of you and Phan Dinh Tung?

– I was satisfied with all three performances, but my favorite was Mother Legend (see clip).

– Most of the judges highly appreciated the performance `Legend of Mother`, but Le Hoang criticized it, what do you think?

– I don’t know why Mr. Le Hoang is so strict with me.

– The moment MC Tran Thanh was about to announce the contest results, the audience at the studio shouted your name, how did you feel?

– At that time, I was very happy because the audience always expected me to win.

I believe I will win if I play `fair play`.

– What are you referring to?

– Every competition is the same, there’s this and that.

– How do you plan to use your prize money?

Four months into the program, I owe a lot.

– What are the gains and losses when you join Perfect Couple?

– When I accepted the singing competition, I determined `5 win, 5 lose`.

I lost my health, I lost my show, but I received a lot of love from the audience.

Cat Phuong: 'I will win if I play fairly'

Cat Phuong’s son was happy when his mother won second prize.

– After Perfect Couple, what are your career plans?

– I plan to organize a live show and release a music and comedy MV and DVD.

Performed by Tam Giao

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