Wasted opportunity

The common point in all 3 recent rounds is that SLNA missed many unfortunate opportunities.

Foreign soldiers are not of high quality

Compared to competitors such as Hanoi T&T, Da Nang, HAGL… the quality of SLNA’s foreign soldiers has dropped quite a bit.

Pillars fall

Captain Trong Hoang declined and could not be the locomotive that pulled SLNA forward.

Most of the important players of the Nghe An team have not been in good form recently.

Poor defense against high balls

The common point in the matches where SLNA lost points this season is that they often lost in anti-high ball situations.

Young players show a lack of stability

Coach Hoang Van Phuc, in a recent speech about young SLNA players, said: `We recommend that the press praise them a little so that they can still strive.`

Vy Khanh