The Judge is 46 episodes long, the script is Vietnameseized from the Israeli film The Arbitrator, directed by three directors Mai Hien, Khai Anh, and Danh Dung.

The film revolves around the battle in the underground world of gangster organizations.

Phan Quan ordered Tuan’s finger to be cut off (episode 1)


Phan Quan’s two adopted children, Tuan (Trhong Hung) and Tu (Quoc Dam), were pursued by gangster Lan Jelly (Quoc Quan) due to a previous grudge.

In the film circuit, this event has important significance.

Right after episode 1 aired, the finger cutting scene was hotly discussed.

People’s Artist Hoang Dung and actor Viet Anh expressed that crime films cannot lack violent elements.

Phan Hai kills his lover’s ex-husband (episode 2)

'The Judge' is thrilling with bloody and revenge scenes


Phan Hai went to his lover’s house and found Vuong — Van Diep’s ex-husband — there.

This situation fully describes Phan Hai’s childish, aggressive, impulsive personality.

Tycoon Phan Quan was assassinated (episode 4)

'The Judge' is thrilling with bloody and revenge scenes


While visiting Phu Troi’s farm, Phan Quan was suddenly assassinated by a gunman from close range, endangering his life.

The appearance of The Chot was expected by the audience from the beginning of the film.

Le Thanh wants Phan Quan to admit he is the father (episode 9)

'The Judge' is thrilling with bloody and revenge scenes


After her husband died, Mrs. Ha – Le Thanh’s mother – revealed that he was an adopted son and gave him his biological mother’s diary.

Le Thanh gradually realized the connection with `judge` Phan Quan.

After this incident, Le Thanh became increasingly close to Phan Quan despite knowing that the tycoon had many activities outside the law.

The audience watching The Judge was pleased to see the character Le Thanh gradually demonstrate his role.

Van Diep challenges Diem My (episode 11)

'The Judge' is thrilling with bloody and revenge scenes

Intense excerpts from the movie ‘The Judge’

While shopping with friends, Diem My accidentally met Van Diep – Phan Hai’s brazen girlfriend.

The encounter scene of the two `pink shadows` Diem My – Van Diep attracted many audiences’ attention.

Phan Quan judges Phan Hai’s son (episode 12)

'The Judge' is thrilling with bloody and revenge scenes


Phan Hai’s illegal money laundering case ran into trouble because Dai – the owner of the account where Hai deposited the money – died unexpectedly.

In this judgment, the tycoon proved fair when he forced Phan Hai to pay 70% of the money to his partners within a week.

Canh Phan Quan judging his son once again portrays the cold and fair tycoon.

Betrayed girlfriend Phan Hai (episode 14)


Diem My – Phan Hai’s wife – is fed up with the sight of her husband publicly dating her.

When Hai’s concern was focused on his wife and children, he pushed Van Diep aside, making her angry.

The fact that her girlfriend betrayed Phan Hai made many female viewers gloat.