I am the author of the article `Having a house and land in Saigon because I risked my life ‘carrying debt’`.

First, I did not mortgage the money to build a house, but borrowed from my brothers and mortgaged the red book in my hometown to buy it.

Second, my husband is a subject teacher, not a homeroom teacher, so his classroom time is only about three days per week.

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We would also like to add that we do not hold the house or land, but transfer it to our hands.

Third, those two plots of land worth seven billion VND are the current price (many people ask to buy them but we do not sell).

Up to now, I still maintain the habit of giving a sum to my grandparents every month, contributing to building the church, and giving a little to my brothers and sisters who are in difficulty.

>> The article does not necessarily coincide with VnExpress.net’s views.

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