Duong Quoc Cuong recently received a lot of attention when participating in a comedy show.

Duong Quoc Cuong in `Romance of the Three Kingdoms`

Before achieving much success in his career, Duong Quoc Cuong went through a difficult time due to a family tragedy.

Duong Quoc Cuong and Ton Dao met through matchmaking in 1977. Ton Dao’s family is well-off, and she herself serves as a military doctor.

In 1989, the family had a rift and Duong Quoc Cuong proposed a divorce.

All doubts and criticisms were directed towards Duong Quoc Cuong.

'Kong Minh' Duong Quoc Cuong: From tragedy to the pinnacle of fame

Duong Quoc Cuong with Ton Dao and his daughter.

Meanwhile, Duong Quoc Cuong said his wife had a mental illness.

According to Ifeng, the actor’s daughter once gave an interview and said: `I have the ability to judge right and wrong, knowing what is right and wrong. My father was very miserable. That year, he was fired from the film studio and was very sad.

Simple happiness with his second wife

Duong Quoc Cuong married again in 1993, with actor Trang Le (Tibetan ethnicity) – who was 12 years younger than him.

According to Xinhua, Trang Le’s friends who came to visit said she was at a disadvantage when she married Duong Quoc Cuong.

'Kong Minh' Duong Quoc Cuong: From tragedy to the pinnacle of fame

Duong Quoc Cuong and his wife and children

Duong Quoc Cuong once shared that he understood the pressure that Trang Le was under when marrying him, he wanted to do everything to make her happy.

Life is difficult, Trang Le does not put pressure on her husband.

In 1997, Trang Le gave birth to a son, and from then on gave up the film industry to take care of her family and help Duong Quoc Cuong in his career.

Brilliant career

As the noise of his personal life subsided, Duong Quoc Cuong was given many serious roles in television dramas.

In addition to emperor roles, Tang Guoqiang is often invited to play Mao Zedong in elaborately staged Chinese movies and television shows.

Duong Quoc Cuong received many awards in his career such as `Artistic Achievement`, `Most Popular Actor` (Golden Rooster Award), `Outstanding Director` (Phi Thien Award), `Acting Actor`

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