`It was a heartbreaking day for me. I believed that if he had received timely treatment, he would have survived. But no one helped us, the police, health authorities or the government,` Kanwal Jeet Singh,

India is engulfed in a more serious second wave of Covid-19.

Authorities say the pandemic is under control.

A video shared by a local journalist shows a sick man lying on the floor of the parking lot of the state-run Lala Lajpat Rai hospital.

Outside Kanshiram hospital, a young woman cried saying that two medical facilities had refused to admit her mother.

`They said they ran out of beds. If there’s no bed, let her lie on the ground, but at least treat my mother. Many patients are like her. Some are rejected like us. The minister said

Medical staff transfer the body of a woman infected with nCoV to a cremation ground in New Delhi.

The situation in Lucknow is equally dire.

In April, a handwritten letter from former judge Ramesh Chandra was shared by hundreds of people on social networks.

`My wife and I were both positive for nCoV. Since yesterday morning, I called the government hotline at least 50 times, but no one came to give us medicine or take us to the hospital. So, my wife died on

Mr. Vimal Kapoor, a longtime resident of Varanasi city, said: `I have seen too many people die in ambulances. Hospitals refuse patients because there are no beds, out of medicine and scarcity of medical oxygen.`

His 70-year-old mother also recently passed away from Covid-19.

`I’ve never seen anything like this happen before. Everywhere I look I see ambulances and bodies,` he said.

Harrowing stories of victims of Covid-19 are increasingly common as infection rates skyrocket.

India 'sees bodies everywhere'

A family in Gauhati holds a burial ceremony for a relative who passed away from Covid-19.

However, politicians have not provided specific, realistic statistics about the scale of the pandemic.

Many people said their test results were not uploaded to the federal government’s website.

Anshuman Rai, director of Heritage Hospital, described the situation as `chaotic`.

Experts say that the government did not anticipate the second wave of Covid-19.