Each pair of running shoes can be considered a technological product, designed in detail by a team of experts.

Large and small brushes, sponges, pre-mixed cleaning solution and a small basin are items that need to be prepared before washing shoes.

So if you wash shoes by hand, how should you do it properly?

First, you need to observe the mud or stains on the shoes.

How to wash running shoes properly

Use a brush to clean any dirt, mud or small pebbles stuck to your shoes.

Then, add a few spoons of baking soda to a bowl of warm water.

Remove the insoles and set them aside.

How to wash running shoes properly

Use a sponge and cleaning solution to clean your shoes.

Next, pour a little detergent solution onto the shoe, avoid soaking the whole shoe inside unless the entire shoe is very dirty.

Next, use a sponge to scrub the inside of the shoe.

How to wash running shoes properly

Paper padding while washing can help maintain shoe shape.

Sometimes, shoes can become deformed from their original appearance after the cleaning process.

In weather conditions that are not favorable for drying, you can use some shoe dryers to dry and limit the musty smell in the shoes.

How to wash running shoes properly

Compact drying equipment can help dry shoes faster, reducing musty odors if dried in unfavorable weather conditions.

With shoe insoles, this is the part that absorbs a lot of sweat so it needs to be cleaned separately.

To wash shoe insoles by hand, you need to rinse them with water and then rub them with a cotton cloth.

How to wash running shoes properly

Insoles and laces need to be cleaned separately.

Washing shoes regularly will help keep them beautiful and fresh when used.