Cruze is a typical American rugged car, different from the rest of the sleek and neat parts of its Korean and Japanese competitors.

In addition to changing the shape, GM also brings fashion with LED daytime running lights, creating more recognition for the Cruze.

The interior has not changed much compared to the old version, because the structure is much more reasonable.

Like other car models, GM knows how to choose options for the car.

Sunroof, automatic headlights.

The steering system is hydraulic instead of electrically assisted like most competitors.

Unlike Honda Civic and Toyota Altis, which are built on two engine versions 1.8 and 2.0, Cruze is similar to Korean car manufacturers when downgrading to 1.6 and 1.8 versions.

Chevrolet Cruze 2015 - changes to compete

The Cruze’s driving performance is quite attractive, thanks to the American way of thinking.

For a more adventurous feeling, the semi-automatic mode will satisfy somewhat.

Cruze is equipped with cruise control right on the steering wheel and is very convenient to use.

Compared to competitors, the Cruze’s Cruise Control is easier to use, more open and more responsive.

Cruze LT sold for 572 million and LTZ for 679 million.

Besides price, the basis for the new General Director, Mr. Wail A. Farghaly, to believe in a bright future is to reform the weak dealership system and introduce the Chevrolet Complete Care program (Chevrolet Complete Care),

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