Deputy General Director of Thang Long Real Estate Joint Stock Company – Le Vu Tuan Anh forecasts that in 2017, the Ho Chi Minh City real estate market will appear 3 emerging hot spots with the lowest land price increase amplitude of 15% and the highest.

Land in Binh Chanh district promises to increase price by 20%

Except for Trung Son area, which has land prices as high as District 7, considered the rich town of Binh Chanh district, which will slow down, temporarily saturated in prices in the year of the Rooster, the suburban communes of this district are all

The cause of short-term price increases is largely explained by psychological effects.

The new hot spot of real estate in Ho Chi Minh City in 2017 is forecast to spread to suburban districts that are being considered for district planning.

Land in Nha Be district is expected to increase in price by 30%

This is the district that is considered to have the strongest resilience in the group of 3 districts that will be planned for the district.

Support forces supporting land prices in Nha Be district to increase in the coming time include: the gateway location of South Saigon, bordering Long An and Dong Nai provinces and having main roads such as Le Van Luong and Nguyen

Hoc Mon district’s land price increased by 15%

Although ranked behind Binh Chanh and Nha Be in terms of average land price as well as growth rate, land-locked real estate in Hoc Mon district is still classified as a potential group, estimated to increase in price by 15% in the future.

The basis for expecting land price growth in Hoc Mon is that the district is being planned quite methodically in terms of roads and infrastructure along with Metro line No. 2 connecting Ben Thanh – Tham Luong.

Mr. Tuan Anh added that in 2016, Saigon land prices increased on a large scale, but most of them focused on the traditional area, which is a familiar gateway in the East – South – West areas of the city.

This expert recommends that investors who want to pour money into real estate in these 3 districts need to carefully research and survey through many channels, and at the same time be alert to common price traps in the market today.