The 2014 World Cup finals will have 32 teams participating, divided into eight groups, each group consisting of four teams.

Below is a panorama of the qualifying round journey of six FIFA member continental federations.

There are 13 teams along with host Brazil that are sure to attend the big festival next summer.


No team in this region has won a ticket to Brazil.

The final qualifying round of the African region saw the 10 group winners in the previous stage divided into five two-legged play-off matches.

The first leg of these matches has not ended yet, with the Ghana – Egypt match taking place tomorrow, October 15.

The return leg of these matches takes place in mid-November (Senegal – Ivory Coast, Nigeria – Ethiopia on November 16; Cameroon – Tunisia on November 17, Egypt – Ghana, Algeria – Burkina Faso on November 19).


Four teams won tickets: Australia, Iran, Japan, South Korea.

Asia, according to regulations, has four and a half places in the final round.

2014 World Cup qualifying situation before the final round

Jordan (red shirt) won the Asian play-off round, but still has to play another play-off round with the fifth team in South America to compete for tickets to Brazil.

The first leg of the Asia – South America play-off pair will be played on November 13 or 14 with the host Jordan.


Five teams won tickets: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland.

The European qualifiers are divided into nine groups, with the top nine teams receiving nine direct spots.

From the 9 second-place teams, UEFA will eliminate the team with the worst performance, then divide the remaining eight teams into four play-off pairs, playing two rounds, competing for the last four tickets to Brazil.

North, Central America and the Caribbean

Teams that won tickets: Costa Rica, USA.

2014 World Cup qualifying situation before the final round

Chicharito’s Mexico (black shirt) could not maintain its position as king of the North, Central America & Caribbean qualifying round.

Third place and the final direct ticket to this region is a dispute between Honduras and Mexico.

Honduras will win a ticket if they win or draw with Jamaica, or have the same result as the result of Mexico’s match against Costa Rica.


No team has won a ticket yet.

This region is only allocated half a spot, meaning New Zealand, the team that easily finished first in the final qualifying stage, will have to play a two-legged play-off with the fourth-placed team in the North, Central America & Caribbean region.

The first leg of the Oceania – North, Central America & Caribbean play-off will be played on November 13 or 14.

South America

Teams that won tickets: Argentina, Brazil (host, exempted from qualifying) and Colombia.

Not including Brazil, South America is allocated four and a half spots to attend the big festival.

2014 World Cup qualifying situation before the final round

Suarez’s Uruguay (blue shirt) is likely to have to play a play-off against Jordan.

With the same three points more than Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador only need a draw in tomorrow’s final round to go hand in hand to Brazil next summer, forcing Luis Suarez’s team to earn a ticket to the play-off with