This is one of the largest gatherings of people in closed spaces in Germany after many months, part of a study by experts at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, with the aim of collecting data on the possibility of spread.

Amidst the sound of bass guitar shaking the auditorium, the crowd on August 22 enjoyed the performance of German singer Tim Bendzko under special circumstances.

Concert ‘exploring’ nCoV

The concert was held in Leipzig on August 22.

Researchers say the aim of the project is to identify approaches that can help concerts and other mass events resume safely, before an effective Covid-19 vaccine is found.

`I hope this research will help maintain joy in life around the world,` said Michael Gekle, dean of the school of medicine at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg.

The study took place when the number of nCoV infections in Germany began to increase again, after a period of considered successful containment of the epidemic.

As a result, the researchers faced criticism, faced questions about the safety of the participants, as well as concerns that the show risked causing the city of Leipzig, which recorded relatively few

Organizers initially aimed to attract 4,000 people to the concert, but only managed to gather less than half.

It is still unclear whether the results of the August 22 test in Leipzig can significantly contribute to promoting the restart of crowded events amid the pandemic.

Testing also appears to be spurring private companies and sports teams to undertake similar efforts.

Concert 'exploring' nCoV

Participants in the test in Leipzig, Germany, wore masks while watching a concert on August 22.

The impetus for the testing idea comes from sports clubs’ fears that the lack of spectators could cause them to go bankrupt, even if most matches have resumed.

To identify high-risk activities, the researchers organizing the Leipzig show tested three scenarios.

Before entering the test, Spiegel did not feel nervous.

Hundreds of people squeezed through a crowded entrance, then lined up in front of the food stall outside.

Test participants were also given bottles of disinfectant mixed with a dye that glows under ultraviolet light to help researchers identify high-risk surfaces.

The first test situation most closely resembled a pre-pandemic show, but seemed to have the least electric atmosphere.

`We can still feel the atmosphere of the show. The main problem is having to breathe through the mask,` said Jana, 37, one of the test participants.

For singer Bendzko, the experiment brought a sense of optimism.

However, Bendzko still warns against unrealistic hopes for the resumption of normal leisure activities.

Karsten Gunther, president of a handball club in Leipzig, said that when the arena reopened, he had `tears in his eyes` when he saw the lights and felt some normality return.

`But if we’re not careful, we will never see this scene again,` he said.