Smoke rising from the Woolsey forest fire, California, November 11.

13 more bodies were found yesterday in Northern California, bringing the number of victims killed by the Camp fire to 42, making it the worst wildfire in California history, CNN quoted police as saying.

In addition to the Camp forest fire, California firefighters are also having to deal with two other fires, Woolsey and Hill, at the same time.

The Camp fire spread over an area of more than 47,000 hectares, forcing over 52,000 people to evacuate and destroying 7,000 structures, of which 6,453 were residential homes.

The Woolsey Fire broke out in southern California, threatening 57,000 structures.

The Hill fire occurred near the Woolsey fire, spread over an area of more than 1,800 hectares and was 85% contained.

Thus, in total, wildfires in California have killed at least 44 people, most of the victims living in Paradise, the town that was completely destroyed by the Camp fire.

A 'hell-like' scene in an American town destroyed by a forest fire

The American town turns to ashes after a historic forest fire

The town of Paradise in America turned to ashes after a historic forest fire.

Nichole Jolly, a resident who nearly died from the forest fire, said she gave up hope when fire surrounded her car and smoke entered the car.

`If you have to die, die after fighting to the end,` Jolly recalled her husband saying.

`It looked like hell,` described John Yates, 65, who escaped the fire in Paradise.

`It’s really horrible,` said Butte County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Evans, 42.

Other witnesses described the darkness at the fire site, with smoke so thick that people could not see the road.

A 'hell-like' scene in an American town destroyed by a forest fire

Location of wildfires in California.

US President Donald Trump declared a state of disaster to help federal resources be transferred to California more quickly.

A Malibu resident who has experienced many wildfires said she had never witnessed such a series of wildfires occurring at the same time.

California state authorities are investigating two companies that reported incidents that coincided with the time and location of the Camp and Woolsey fires.

Nearly 15 minutes before the Camp fire broke out near Pulga, gas and electric company PG&E said it had a power line short circuit 1 mile northeast of town.

In Southern California, the Woolsey fire broke out on the afternoon of November 8 in Ventura County.

More than 300,000 people were evacuated, most of them from Los Angeles County.

A 'hell-like' scene in an American town destroyed by a forest fire

Americans sobbed as they drove amid the California forest fires

Americans cry and pray to God as they drive through forest fires.

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